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Day after Australia Day party
17 April
Geraldton Tennis Tournament

By now you should all have decided you are coming on this crazy trip. For those that are new, Gero Easter Tournament is over 4 days & offers singles & doubles events. We normally have over 40 people represent the club. But it's not all tennis. Socialising is high on the agenda, with all sorts of fun nights planned and plenty of merriment through the days, particularly from the more social players.

Every year we have a Gero shirt, and this year it will be just as awesome. Make sure your shirt orders are given and accommodation is booked as soon as possible or you’ll be a loner in a crap shirt sleeping on the streets.

Any questions regarding tennis, drinking, shirts, partying, transport, accommodation and alcohol don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you are interested in coming, get in touch immediately:

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